Keep API secrets secret with Gitlab CI and Webpack

A local config file

module.exports = {

Gitlab secrets

Configure Gitlab CI

image: node:9.10cache:
- node_modules/
- npm install
- npm run prod
- mv dist public
- public

- master

Setup webpack

// Indicates we're building in the CI environment
const isCiBuild = !!process.env.CI;
let clientId;
let clientSecret;
if(isCiBuild) {
clientId = process.env.CLIENT_ID;
clientSecret = process.env.CLIENT_SECRET;
} else {
const config = require("./config");
clientId = config.clientId;
clientSecret = config.clientSecret;
// webpack config stuff...
plugins: [
// other plugins...
new webpack.DefinePlugin({
CLIENT_ID: JSON.stringify(clientId),
CLIENT_SECRET: JSON.stringify(clientSecret)




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Tim Barclay

Tim Barclay

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